You are worthy of love

[embed][/embed] Say it louder for the people in the back! You are worthy of love no matter how you are performing. Did you yell at your kid this morning? Did you start up a fight with your spouse? Have you been grumpy or angry or sad or just plain not fun to be around? Have you dropped the ball, missed a deadline or feeling like “blah” on the couch? Join the club. We all struggle, flail and come up empty sometimes. Many of us believe that unless we are efficient, productive and feel happy that we are failing somehow. We couldn’t disagree more. These things just prove you are human and that is a beautiful thing. No matter how well or awful you feel you are performing in whatever roles you carry, your worth does not fluctuate. You are worthy of being loved just as you are. Plus, have you considered that you are showing your family and friends the rawness of your humanity when you apologize or ask for help? Sometimes that’s all another person needs in order to say, “I’m struggling with that too.” Remember, on your best and worst days, you are worthy of love all the same.