At Ataraxis Counseling we have realized how under-supported and overlooked many women are in the sacred and tender areas of their motherhood. In such a delicate and beautiful role, motherhood unveils so many feelings, both wonderful and grievous alike. Infertility and the desire to conceive life, anticipating childbirth and facing the growing anxieties of preparing for such a vulnerable moment, walking the uniquely toilsome journey through foster care and adoption, the tragic loss of children through miscarriage, childbirth, reunification, foster care removals, kinship care and disrupted adoptions, and the common experience of post-partum depression and anxiety, where bonding or attaching becomes unexpectedly painful: all impact mothers around our county in specific and vulnerable ways. I feel as a mother impacted by these issues, that in the healthcare sector of counseling and mental health, there can be lacking attention to these details so many of us endure in motherhood.

Launching Ataraxis Counseling, specifically designed with mothers and families in mind, was pertinent for me as a therapist because of my passion for women, their well being and the sacredness of motherhood, regardless of how it comes to us. The tenderness of pregnancy and the characteristic moments leading up to childbirth; unique to each woman and her experience, deeply matters. The condition of a woman’s mind and heart surrounding each of these circumstances impacts her long-term well being. This is where I feel counseling can be a catalyst for change and healing; making a woman’s experience of her motherhood more meaningful, wholesome and positively transformative. Depression, anxiety, attaching to our children and properly grieving who or what has been lost, deeply matters to the heart of a woman.

At Ataraxis Counseling, your experience of motherhood matters and your desires for who you want to be again or become for the first time in your life are what takes priority. My assurance in the counseling process is that by the end of our journey together, we will have explored new meaning for your circumstances and have experienced tangible change. Please do not stay alone in your struggle; there is joy and there is hope waiting for you again.