[embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/CKeaGP9nuOh/[/embed] Having expectations is human. Whether you have expectations about how your child “should” behave in public, how your spouse “should” respond to you in moments of emotional need, or even expectations for how you “should” be able to transition seamlessly into motherhood, whilst simultaneously continuing your career: each person holds expectations. How do you know you have an unmet or perhaps unrealistic expectation? Look for where feelings of disappointment and loss reveal themselves. Boom. You found an expectation. High expectations can be a powerful thing—but managing expectations and modifying them can create healthier, more fulfilled versions of ourselves. Even adjusting expectations in your relationships can create space for grace, patience with failure and opportunities for emotional repair. What’s an expectation you had of yourself that is proving more disappointing than fulfilling? Maybe it’s time to adjust accordingly. Is there grief with modifying some expectations? Absolutely. Is there a learning curve? Definitely. But is an expectation of what you are facing that it “should” be easy? Be wary of the “shoulds” in your life. They are dangerous.