Here’s a helpful visual of what healthy boundaries, or healthy interdependency on others, can look like. In maintaining a healthy interdependency, there is an exchanging of one another’s emotional resources. There is a mindful engagement between individuals about what each person needs, and a flow that allows reliance and generosity from each individual. Left of that displays the overly independent individual. This person struggles to trust others with their needs, often revealing itself in feelings of loneliness and burnout. There is too much reliance on the self, and lack of connection and symbiosis with others. And finally, swinging right into the over- reliance on others describes codependency. This is the opposite of independent living. This person struggles to establish boundaries with others; often making their value and sense of worthiness all about what she can give to others. This quickly results in many kinds of dysfunction. This person can enable others to to maintain addictive or irresponsible behaviors. The codependent person can struggle with anxiety because people-pleasing and never saying “no” ends up robbing the person of their own feelings, thoughts and needs. They feel responsible for other’s problems and loose their sense of self in relationships. Is this visual helpful? Is there anything you notice?[embed][/embed]