Postpartum Depression

mother holds hand to her head as her baby cries in her other arm. She is struggling with postpartum symptoms. She is looking for a postpartum depression therapist in phoenix, az. Ataraxis Counseling offers postpartum depression counseling in phoenix, az, perinatal counseling in phoenix, az, and other services. Contact us today for the postpartum depression support you deserve!

For new moms, it can be upsetting and frightening to have feelings about motherhood that don’t seem “right.” The ideal expectations you once had of motherhood and who you’d be at this age may feel shattered. The pain you are feeling right now is so real. But, that pain is valid. However, you are FAR FROM being the only mother who feels disappointed and lost right now.

Ataraxis Counseling was created with mothers and families at the center. In fact, our greatest goal is a woman’s more positive and fulfilling experience of herself as a mother. Depression, anxiety, attaching to our children, and properly grieving who or what has been lost, deeply matters to the heart of a woman. That is what we will focus on, together.

Postpartum Support in Phoenix, AZ

Therapists who have extensive education and training in postpartum disorders understand the vital factors in understanding and alleviating postpartum depression symptoms. Examples being hormone changes, personal and family history, and social support. You may not be feeling like the momma you had envisioned. You may even feel like running away. Or, that you aren’t needed in your family anymore. These red flags signal something else within you that desperately needs your attention. And, dare I say: your tender loving care.

We can’t keep pouring out to our children if we are running on empty. Postpartum depression and anxiety symptoms include difficulty attaching or feeling positive feelings related to motherhood. It can look like anxiety, depression, and hyper-controlling how often you clean your child’s hands or toys. Also, worrying about the cleanliness of the home or the safety of every contraption used in motherhood. From the safety of the car seat, bouncy chair, to even the safety of being in his or her’s father’s arms.Close up of mothers hand gently holding her newborn's hand. Ataraxis Counseling offers postpartum depression support in phoenix, az. If you are struggling with postpartum symptoms, contact us today to get in touch with a postpartum depression therapist in Phoenix, AZ today!

Postpartum Depression Support Through Hard Times  

COVID-19 has made motherhood even more difficult to enjoy. In fact, mothers are drying up facing motherhood alone. Whether it be mommy and me classes at libraries and other public forums. Or, a general lack of other momma friends to connect with over a cup of coffee. Motherhood was meant to be done in a community. And around the world, women are surrounded by other women as they raise their children. But, COVID has stolen that experience from so many moms. Often creating mental health issues where there may not have been without it. Postpartum depression counseling provides a safe place for mothers to feel supported, validated, and understood. As a result, they can explore the deeper impact of loss, expectation letdown, and more.

Common symptoms of postpartum depression include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and wondering if you should have become a mother in the first place
  • Feeling guilty due to high self-expectations
  • Not feeling “bonded” with the baby
  • Racing thoughts and an inability to relax
  • Feeling empty and numb as if you’re just going through the motions
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Being afraid that if you reach out for help, others will judge your inabilities
  • Thoughts of running away or leaving your baby behind
  • Being constantly in a state of worry
  • Relationship issues and difficulty being intimate after baby
  • Sadness over how much life has changed now that you are a mother

The Ataraxis Counseling Approach to Postpartum Depression Counseling in Phoenix, AZ

Mother laying in bed holding her baby against her chest. Both their eyes are closed, and the mother is gently smiling. Before postpartum depression counseling in Phoenix, AZ, she struggled with postpartum symptoms. Contact us today to get in touch with a postpartum depression therapist in phoenix, az, and get the postpartum support you deserve!

I specialize in supporting women and families through infertility, miscarriage, prenatal care, pregnancy, postpartum depression & postpartum anxiety. Also, foster care and adoption, marriage, and family dynamics. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, strengthened with a trauma-informed approach based on Somatic Experiencing. This brings awareness to thoughts, and how they influence feelings and behaviors.

I serve as a helper who is neither beneath nor below any of my client’s needs or questions. I journey alongside him or her and provide postpartum depression support. And, provide a sacred and safe place to ask the rawest questions and declare the most vulnerable of states. I want to guide the client along the healing process. This means teaching the client to ask things they haven’t been able to plan before. And, to help the client make connections within herself that link and unite body, mind, and spirit. 

Begin Postpartum Depression Counseling in Phoenix, AZ

I invite you to contact my Phoenix, AZ therapy office today. Together, we’ll find the underlying issues that make you feel disconnected from your baby and create a strategy for moving forward. Your life and your gifts matter. We all need a little help and support during painful seasons. Please don’t walk through this journey alone. We were created to experience healing through relationships. If you’re ready to start, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Ataraxis Counseling 
  2. Request an appointment with a skilled postpartum therapist
  3. Feel more connected to your baby and begin the journey to healing here

Other Services Offered at Ataraxis Counseling 

Postpartum support isn’t the only service offered at our Phoenix, AZ therapy office. Other mental health services include anxiety counseling, body image counseling, couples counseling, depression counseling, men’s counseling, foster care and adoption, sex therapy, trauma counseling, and telehealth services